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Sissi Perlinger brightens up the faces and kickstarts every event. 

Sissi Perlinger is a famous German comedienne, and proof that this is not an oxymoron! She sings with a classically trained voice over 3 ½ octaves writes her own magic songs, plays guitar, percussion and drum kit and involves the audience into participant entertainment that's awakening the spirit and lightens up the vibes. Humor, magic and soulfood embedded in groovy driving rhythms. Like mantras they turn you on and tune you up

Sissi Perlinger is an extraordinary shamanic entertainer, dancer, musician and actress who had her own television shows on German television and performed in more than 40 movies. She got showered with awards and after 30 years of experience with her one-woman shows she is now doing her „Spiritual Comedy“ in English on Ibiza.
Messages channeled from high above.
Full of beauty fun and love.
It doesn't get any better than this.
So let's go into bliss.
Frequency is rising when the audience burst out into laughter.
The lyrics are so positive you wonna play them in an endless loop for the rest of your life! Nobody combines humor with deeply philosophical contents like this stylish woman, who is a pleasure to look at and pure joy to listen to. 

Sissi Perlinger is accompanied by Lois Feather who plays a wicked djembe and gets the groove going. She designs the famous feather crowns that the two of them are wearing on stage.